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Image by Vladislav Klapin
Image by George Pagan III


Who We Are - Everything starts somewhere right!? Well, that's what happened to us. We started Bold North by simply doing a favor to a friend. From there, we just kept going and now we are a business who wants to help other business get on the map! 

What We Do - We do marketing stuff. What is "marketing stuff" -well it's an invaluable part of your business that usually gets left behind. It's not operations, it's not product development or sales -but, it's the sizzle to your steak that get's people to want more of your brand! We offer marketing consulting and services customized for your business goals and needs. 

Why We Do It - We are people helping people! It's really that simple. Every business isn't anything without the people behind it and that's where we stand. We stand with businesses like yourself to level up your business footprint and help you grow. Plus, we like to geek out on the website, ads, and analytics of digital marketing ;-)

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